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Solid Waste & Recycling Plans

The proper management of household waste is a public health issue that is managed through the planning and implementation of Solid Waste Management Plans.  NEMCOG assists the Counties as their Designated Planning Agency in the development and implementation of their County Plans.  Although State funding has not been designeated for the Plans for the past 10 years, efforts are still unerway to implement portions of the Plans. 


The public strongly supports recycling throughout the region.  It is, however, a program with high capital costs for processing and collection.  Rural communities struggle with funding the costs as demand for public services increase while tax dollars decline to supoprt the demand.  NEMCOG continues to support the recycling efforts and was successful in obtaining funding from the USDA Solid Waste Program to implement a Recycling Education Program.

This page last updated on 6/15/2015.
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