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US 23 Huron Shores Heritage Route in Presque Isle County

The Presque Isle County Heritage Route Team meets on an as needed basis at the Presque Isle District Library in Rogers City.


Presque Isle County Heritage Route Team Members:


Anne Belanger, Chair (Presque Isle District Library)

Brian Wagner (Rogers City Marina)

Joe Libby (Presque Isle County Development Commission)

Mark Slown (City of Rogers City)

Deb Green, City of Rogers City

Beach Hall (City of Rogers City)

Blake Gingrich (P.H. Hoeft State Park)

Steve Lang

Armand Loiselle

Cheryl Peters (MSU Extension)

Gary Rickard

Jan Stevenson

Dave Nadolsky


Presque Isle County Historic Team:

Mark Thompson, Presque Isle Co Hist. Museum

Joe Cercone, Presque Isle Co Dev Commission

Tom Stone, 40-Mile Point Light
Barb Stone, 40-Mile Point Light

Bob McCallum
Ray Spain, Rogers City Area Chamber of Commerce

Anne Belanger, Presque Isle County Library

Jim Hopp, Historian

Judy Kimball, Historian




This page last updated on 1/27/2016.
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